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Creative Process.

Behind the Scenes Hyundai: All-New 2021 Elantra Reveal - Live Webcast

March of 2020 saw the unprecedented cancelling of all major Auto Shows and on-site new vehicle introductions due to COVID-19 concerns. But that didn’t mean new products stopped launching, it simply meant that safe, creative solutions had to be devised in order to deliver the product message to the press and the world.

So with no live audience, no journalists, reporters, or photographers in the stands, Hyundai’s unveiling of their 7th generation Elantra took place Live – Virtually – from an empty sound stage in West Hollywood while being Live-Streamed to the world and translated into four different languages in real time.

This 9 camera, performance-filled Spectacle captured all of the enthusiasm and excitement Hyundai so eagerly wished to share with the world regarding their new vehicle’s Design, Advanced Technologies, and Electrification messaging. The presentation featured a massive 90’ LED wall married to an equally immense 90’ LED floor. This impressive digital canvas created a media rich environment that delivered exhilarating performance and dazzling visual content experienced by both consumers and journalists the world over.

Behind the Scenes Hyundai: 2019 Hyundai New York Auto Show


An innovative approach for an automotive press conference featuring augmented reality + live motion capture to elevate the Global Debut and North American Reveal of Hyundai’s two newest vehicles at the 2019 New York International Autoshow.


MBA was challenged by Hyundai to invigorate the traditional automotive press conference and elevate their products and messaging in NYC to rise above and stand out amongst 25+ other media events in the same venue.


MBA’s mandate was to breathe new life into an aging format while creating a stage and media event capable of revealing two vehicles with very unique personalities (one sleek sedan and one micro SUV), targeting two very different demographics during a single 25 minute press conference.  Our talented team embraced this task and found a solution that not only elevated Hyundai above the sea of noise at the NYIAS for the media in attendance but also for their global live stream.

Behind the Scenes Honda: National Dealer Meeting 2018

No Two MBA Projects Are Alike

Our creative process reflects that. From concept to execution, each production evolves in collaboration with the client. We engage, discover, brainstorm and produce. And always exceed expectations. Our work speaks for itself. Now pull back the curtain.


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