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Hyundai: 2021 Elantra Global Live Reveal

Live Webcast World Debut of the 2021 Elantra

Hyundai All-New 2021 Elantra Global Live Reveal - Live Webcast


March of 2020 saw the unprecedented cancelling of all major Auto Shows and on-site new vehicle introductions due to COVID-19 concerns. But that didn’t mean new products stopped launching, it simply meant that safe, creative solutions had to be devised in order to deliver the product message to the press and the world.

So with no live audience, no journalists, reporters, or photographers in the stands, Hyundai’s unveiling of their 7th generation Elantra took place Live – Virtually – from an empty sound stage in West Hollywood while being Live-Streamed to the world and translated into four different languages in real time.

This 9 camera, performance-filled Spectacle captured all of the enthusiasm and excitement Hyundai so eagerly wished to share with the world regarding their new vehicle’s Design, Advanced Technologies, and Electrification messaging. The presentation featured a massive 90’ LED wall married to an equally immense 90’ LED floor. This impressive digital canvas created a media rich environment that delivered exhilarating performance and dazzling visual content experienced by both consumers and journalists the world over.


Global Reveal Media Results:

< Number of Articles: 154     < Reach: 23 Million     < Brand Opinion: 98% 

Media coverage included articles from USA Today, CNET, MotorTrend, Motor1, Digital Trends, Car and Driver, Autoblog, Jalopnik, Kelley Blue Book, and many more. With 154 stories, the Reveal generated more coverage than Hyundai’s 2017 and 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show press conferences.  

Livestream Results:

< Nearly 70,000 viewers for Livestream Reveal     < Nearly 210,000 views first week


Nearly 70,000 people tuned in Live to watch the Reveal with views continuing to pour in well after the initial Web Event. Within its’ first week, the Elantra Global Reveal Livestream had garnered nearly 210,000 views, not including CNET’s broadcast of the Reveal on their YouTube Channel (19,000 views).

Overall Results:

< 10,058 First day Pre-orders


The 2021 Hyundai Elantra received 10,058 pre-orders on its first day of reservation – an all-time record. That number is almost 10x greater than the pre-orders for the previous generation Elantra – this occurring in a sales climate when consumer demand for sedans is sharply falling.

Hyundai All-New 2021 Elantra Reveal

Behind the Scenes Hyundai: All-New 2021 Elantra Reveal

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Behind The Scenes

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