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Our Process

From ideation to execution.

We create inspiring experiences.

All under one roof.

While no two MBA projects are alike and our approach to each production evolves in collaboration with the client; our process typically includes the following phases:





It all begins with an Idea

The CONCEPT phase is the project’s diving board, where our team dives in headfirst leveraging our diverse skillset and experience to seek creative opportunities, research possibilities, gather inspiration and ultimately chart the course ahead.

When concepts begin to take shape

The DESIGN phase is where the concepts begin to organize and take shape.  This is where we storyboard, previsualize, perform mock-ups and testing to develop and refine the experience.

We utilize a wide array of tools, both digital and practical, to collaborate with our clients and ensure the art direction is aligned with the overall project vision.

Where designs come to life

The PRODUCTION phase is when everything begins to come to life. Key to this phase, is our studio’s full-time staff of artists and creators that specialize in everything from 2D + 3D animation, interactivity, music composition + sound design, motion graphics, scale model construction, editing, compositing and more.

When it all comes together

The INTEGRATION phase is when all the project components come together.  All the hard work up until this point is meaningless without flawless delivery and execution…which MBA has built our reputation upon across multiple industries.

Whether the space is a museum, theme park, convention center or theater, our multi-disciplinary team of experts have experience building, programming, installing, calibrating and executing experiences that leave audiences inspired and amazed.

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